Endless possibilities.

A bit about Vi...

Vi received dual degrees in marketing and fashion merchandising from Texas Woman's University.  Post-graduation, she did what most people do: found a stable 9-5 job.  Corporate life was good to her, but after a few years she woke up and realized she was no longer energized by her work.  The epiphany left her unmotivated and directionless.

So now she’s off searching for passion and fervor in life again.  

Today her mission as a Dallas-based photographer is to produce visual content for commercial enterprises, primarily fashion retailers.  

Vi wants to create with you!

Work with her to bring the vision for your next campaign to life.

For inquiries: 

Email: yuviestyles@gmail.com
Text: (817) 899-6323

Now, if you have read this far, perhaps you are a bit interested in the artist behind the camera.  Here are a few random facts about Vi...

She is a Texas native.

She LOVES music.  She sings, plays piano, clarinet and is learning guitar.

She’s no fitness fanatic but believes in staying active so currently trains Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and did a short stint in Muay Thai.

Finally, while she doesn’t consider herself an adventurer, she does thoroughly enjoy new experiences.  They keep life interesting.